Fast food saves lives -Easy plant-based meals for beginners

After reading this article, you will agree that fast food saves lives especially as healthy travel food option. You can consume quick nutritious meals and high-protein vegetarian meals with no meat pasta as options. Moreover, you would love to explore more and more frozen vegetarian meals and plant-based meals for beginners for a happy and flexible life. Let’s be real, many of us taught ourselves how to cook a no-meat pasta. I have overly salted and burn many recipes in the past, which is why Humble Vege focuses on bringing you easy wholesome plant base recipes that are beginner friendly. Curious about a no-animal-meat food lifestyle? Peep instagram to see what I eat live😊.

High protein vegetarian meals with a 20 minute recipe.  love exploring more vegetarian dish?
Yummy pear pasta with real butter- fast food saves lives

For imperfect cooks and relaxed foodies

Woman cooking high protein vegetarian meal. No meat pasta,  quick nutritious meals, make healthy travel Food shinny options.
Woman cooking high protein vegetarian meal

Ask any person who has to cook daily and you’ll hear long grueling expressions.

It doesn’t matter how much time we WANT to give to cooking. The point is we simply CAN’T use much elbow grease for our everyday meal preparation.

Besides, things have dramatically changed in our world. Long gone are the days when we can easily access fresh wholesome healthy travel food on vacation. Global health crises on supply chains have created many barriers yet opened some doors too. Flash-frozen fruits and vegetables, and frozen ready meals are that one door. This innovation helps us readily obtain all the vitamins, proteins, and other nutrients we need. Above all, they are time-saving, filling, satisfying, and potentially nutritious to boot. Thus, fast food saves lives!

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Delicious wheat gluten balls with pasta & jar sauce. No meat pasta, quick nutritious meals, make healthy travel Food shinny options to plant-based meals for beginners.
Delicious wheat gluten balls with pasta & jar sauce

You might want to or have embraced a new vegetarian diet. However, in your speedy lifestyle, the only thing you want is a fast no meat pasta meal. It is not true that high-protein vegetarian meals require tons of hours. You can get yourself quick nutritious meals. This is why I’ve recommended some plant-based meals for beginners here.

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My opinion on frozen healthy travel food

Reviewing options in the frozen food isle. No meat pasta, quick nutritious meals, make healthy travel Food shinny options.
Frozen vegetarian meals are now a necessity

I would recommend frozen vegetarian meals to people who are self-aware of their salt intake. Let’s be real. Every fast food/ frozen meal is filled with salt or some type of high corn syrup sugar. After weaning myself from meat and fish, I didn’t trust most vegan, vegetarian, or plant-based frozen foods.

It was after 3 years of living the plant-based lifestyle before I began purchasing gluten-free frozen plant-based meals. It is safe to say they are nutritious and taste good, hence this recommendation. But at that time, I didn’t trust any of them. Do take my opinion with a grain of salt.

quick nutritious meals Frozen veggie fried rice with plant-based-nuggets. No meat pasta,  make healthy travel Food shinny options.
Eating Plant-based on Vacation- Beginner Friendly

I now see frozen plant-based foods as a necessity. I do not believe most women like to cook 7 days a week from scratch, myself included. Knowing that certain handpicked, scrutinized plant-based frozen foods would be nourishing helps me rest easy. The ones I suggest through these photos were selected based on sizable protein and carbohydrate content.

With frozen healthy travel food, you have to amp it up to get extra nutrients. For example, the rice and seitan sticks (image above). The frozen seitan-soy sticks didn’t come with the frozen rice, I bought them individually to make a satisfying nutritious meal. Also, in the frozen pear no meat pasta (image above), I added real butter to add more healthy fat.

I am a proponent of eating healthy fat and good carbs. If a frozen meal has high salt content or more corn syrup, I would add things like spinach, kale, or some type of vegetable to balance it out.

Watch the following short video of plant-based meals for beginners. They are quick nutritious meals featuring types of no meat pasta types.

Video Tutorial

Flexibility is important in any food lifestyle

Food is my medicine, not a religion, therefore, I will not hardline anything. Not eating meat nor fish, or eggs is challenging enough already. Frozen vegetarian meals are tempting and nutrient-dense thus making them almost impossible for us to pass up. Taste, flavors, variety, affordability, nutrients, and ease of preparation. They offer just about everything.

plant-based breakfast sandwich with bagel and real cheese makes a vegetarian happy. No meat pasta, make healthy travel Food shinny options.
Nourishing veggies sandwich with real cheese

Plus, they can be stored longer than fresh foods; yes I know there are tons of preservatives which is why you don’t want to eat only store-bought frozen meals 24-7-365. That doesn’t mean you overstock your freezer. For real, the cooking struggle is real nowadays so stay tuned for beginner-friendly plant-based recipes.

Don’t let your plant-based or vegetarian diet rule out selective convenience. Curious to hear from you. What is your recommendation for a delectable yet affordable frozen food option? What other no meat pasta meals do you suggest?


Healthy Fast Food: Plant-based meals for beginners

Yield: 3
Prep Time: 1 minute
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 16 minutes

When you seek both convenience and nutrition, frozen vegetarian meals are a great option. In fact, they are life-saving. They rescue new entrants into vegetarianism from many troubles. We have brought you two amazing easy plant-based meals for beginners. They are Veggie Balls and Pear Pasta.

They are my favorites. Not only because they are quick nutritious meals, they are delicious too.

Working and stay at home women can rely a great deal on these quick nutritious meals. Time, flexibility, comfort, and health – these high protein vegetarian meals check all the boxes. And yes, frozen vegetarian meals are sure to please your palate and tummy too.

Here is a 20 minute recipe of veggie balls, one of the easy plant-based meals for beginners:


  • Frozen veggie balls
  • Frozen pear pasta
  • Pasta sauce
  • Seasonings (whichever you like)
  • A pack of thin spaghetti
  • Butter
  • Water


    1. Pick a few Italian meatless meatballs out of the package and microwave heat them.
    2. Boil water and add thin spaghetti. Check out the package for the cooking instructions and time required to boil spaghetti.
    3. Transfer the boiled spaghetti in a bowl.
    4. Add pasta sauce and some seasonings to enhance the flavor.
    5. Add hot meatballs.
    6. Mix all and enjoy. Add additional sauce if you like it saucier.

One of the other easy plant-based meals for beginners is pear pasta:

  1. Boil water and add ravioli pear pasta.
  2. Once boiled, remove them from the pot.   
  3. Add butter to the pasta. Toss the bowl.    
  4. You can also add any sauce you like but pasta would taste yummier with butter.


You can’t get enough of these two easy plant-based meals for beginners. They are that good!

Whenever your craving strikes, don’t bother yourself with tedious cooking. Instead, prepare these quick nutritious meals in no time and with no much ado. They are freezer-friendly. So, store them up in your freezer for as long as you want.

Serve yourself a healthy lunch, brunch, and dinner. Make your life easy and cooking-free. Add high protein vegetarian meals with a 20 minute recipe to your everyday cooking schedule. And give yourself free time!

What are your favorite frozen vegetarian meals?

Did you make this recipe?

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