Our Story

In 2019, Thumpy Rose created Humble Vege to provide authentic African Plant-based food inspiration for all who are interested to taste foods from another culture. We want to prove a meat-free lifestyle is not dull if native foods are a main source.

We do not eat like Rabbit

That is why we curated and organized recipes specific to Africa’s regions. Our founder, Thumpy Rose, loves to explore places, so we decided to learn about different countries through food and drinks. We believe eating foods from different tribes rekindles a sense of belonging. 

The Journey

Along the way, we created an online store which sold out instantly with raving reviews of our street peanut snack and Liberian pepper gravy, top selling products.  We made a tough decision to close our store and focus on delivering more recipes from the African continent.

Our Mission

We want to be the leading African Plant Based- Vegetarian food blog. Join us, let’s eat delicious foods from each African country and rekindle together.