Savory Cabbage Recipe-Liberian Flavor

Are you in search of a simple stew recipe, low cost food with healthy items? If so, then you want to try this unique Liberian cabbage stew recipe. Indeed, this is not your typical stew, rather one that enhances the benefits of cabbage in a diet. Sometimes you are just in the mood  for something quick to cook at home. Stews and soup, especially, can be a headache to fix in short periods and with few ingredients. This  savory cabbage recipe offers you a fun simple way of making your ordinary cabbage stew. You can try out this vegetarian stew and thank me later. 

Cheap Ingredients Makes Healthy Recipe

Understand that Liberians eat simple healthy foods thus this savory cabbage recipe; they prefer a no hassle way of living. Such mannerisms carry over in our food too. People seek out cheap healthy ingredients. As it turns out, fresh food are always affordable to make. As a broke college student, cabbage stew along with pinto beans stew were my go to meals. You guessed right, I liked them because they cost little money to buy. 

For a traditional Liberian cabbage stew, all you need are cabbage, frying oil, salt and pepper (habanero pepper of course). I love this recipe because the cabbage has  a slight sweetness which blends perfectly with the salty and spicy components.
Best Liberian Plant-based grub

For a traditional Liberian cabbage stew, all you need are cabbage, frying oil, salt and pepper (habanero pepper of course). I love this recipe because the cabbage has a slight sweetness which blends perfectly with the salty and spicy components. I love savory foods and it is not my fault that vegetables have subtle sweetness which keeps my sweet-tooth satisfy. If you are a creature of habit, know your nature. For me, my nature is sweets and since I embraced the plant-based lifestyle, my sweet-tooth is satisfied during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is the BEST cabbage stew because my cooking method brings out the natural sweetness easily and it makes this meal more juicy! Like this article if you love low cost food that are also healthy.

 I love this recipe because the cabbage has a slight sweetness which blends perfectly with the salty and spicy components.
Some cabbage has full green leaves

The Benefits of Cabbage Food

Cabbage and other cruciferous vegetables like kale and cabbage are healthy low cost food to cook with. In fact, cabbage contains Vitamin C. Health professionals claim that cabbage is therefore great source for antioxidants that help enhance your brain function and reduce inflammation. In addition, your savory cabbage recipe will also serve as a super anti-inflammatory agent. These greatly benefit your digestive system, hair, skin, and immune system. While a simple stew recipe itself, the benefits of cabbage are noteworthy. If you desire to improve your plant-based diet, consider this Liberian cabbage stew recipe. 


This simple stew savory cabbage recipe is another alternative to your classic cabbage stew. You can make your vegetarian Liberian cabbage stew in advance. Using healthy low cost food in your panty, follow my simple stew recipe to make a meal you’ll enjoy for a week! To fully enjoy the benefits of cabbage, make sure to keep stew in a well sealed container in the fridge. Enjoy this stew with your rice, grains, bread or eat it as is. On behalf of Liberians worldwide, you are welcome internet people 🙂 I want to hear from you. How did it go? Comment below. Curious about a no-animal-meat food lifestyle? Peep instagram to see what I eat live😊.

Video Recipe


Savory cabbage recipe- Liberian Flavor

Yield: 4.5
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Additional Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes

If you like cabbage you will love this meal and if you don't like cabbage give this a try. The way I cook it the natural sweetness comes out easily. Who knew cabbage was sweet? Enjoy this stew with its various accompaniments like rice, grains, and bread. Notably you can eat it as is if you please.


  • 1 head of Cabbage
  • 1 Onion
  • Desired amount Seitan (any protein)
  • 2 habanero or half teaspoon of pepper flakes
  • 2 vege cubes in 1.5cup water OR 1.5cup broth
  • half to 1 tsp Salt
  • Desired amount dice Tomatoes (1 can recommended)


  1. Get your Small cabbage head. Make sure to choose one that is fresh and if it has green leaves on the outside, get that one for great results.
  2. Wash it thoroughly nd proceed to cut off the brown stalk at the bottom of the cabbage. Remove any bruised or brown outer layer of leaves and compost it.
  3. After you've cut off its end or handle and slice it into two halves. Cutting the cabbage into two halves makes it easier for you to work with when slicing.
  4. Carefully slice the cabbage finely into small pieces. Cut it into thin slices as shown in the video or cut it into squares. Thin slices is the traditional Liberian method. Hear the crunchy fresh sound.
  5. Add 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda as softener. Mix properly as you massage the mixture for 5mins. The crunchy fresh touch feels awesome right?
  6. In your cooking pan add over 1/3 of Avocado oil. I used grapeseed oil in the past but wouldn't recommend it for frying foods. After you added the oil, set it to Medium heat. Give it 2mins for the oil to get hot and add your chopped onions and cook them until they soften or fragrant.
  7. Gradually add your cabbage slices and on medium heat cook for 15mins.
  8. Add drained diced tomatoes. Add half a teaspoon of salt to taste.
  9. Add habanero pepper and then add your homemade Seitan to the cabbage stew. Stir the mixture every 2 minutes, from the bottom to top. Doing so ensures the bottom cabbage that is brown is brought to the top and ones on the top goes to the bottom for browning. Has it been 15 minutes of sautéing? if So proceed to the next step.
  10. Next, Add 2 Vege cubes in 1.5 cup water and allow the cubes to melt. Pour the liquid mixture into the sauteed cabbage and cook on medium heat for 8 mins.
  11. Allow the liquid to reduce in size, you don't want it to be soupy. When the liquid reduces as you desire, turn off the heat and allow the meal to rest before serving.
  12. Enjoy with rice, grains, or bread.


It should also be noted that the ingredient used in this meal are very pocket friendly as they are readily available. The stew also takes very little time to prepare it.

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