Kittely African Okra Stew Recipe-Mixy Boxa

West African Okra Stew recipe

It is always a thrill to share with you a wholesome plant-based recipe, especially if it is one of those Liberian eggplant stew well familiar to me. Indeed, a classic vegetarian African food  is something that I love making and sharing with you. Admittedly, I am passionate about my kittley torborgee-okra recipes also known as Mixy-Boxa. For instance, I poured my heart in this plain oil lima beans okra stew recipe as well as hefty Liberian red oil okra stew recipe. If you are anything like me (a fond lover of a sumptuous traditional African dish), then you will find this kittely African okra stew recipe quite a treat. Are you interested to peek into ‘the road less travelled’ via African foods? Sign-up to be notified monthly about traditional recipes & African Lifestyle content.

This is fried okra with kittely and seitan over brown rice. You could make kittley torborgee, traditional African dish.
Melts in your mouth with minimal gooeyness

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What is Mixy Boxa?

We, Humble Vege, coined the phrase Mixy-Boxa, which literally means “mix it up!” Find an ingredient you love and dare to add it with another ingredient to create a whole new dish. Don’t worry, these Mixy-Boxa are not typical of vegetarian African food, only eccentric people do these things. From the list below, which mixed soup have you eaten or will like to try? Comment below.

Mixed Soup NameWhich Flavor Dominates?
Palm butter with garden-egg eggplantPalm Butter
Cassava leaves with okra  Cassava leaves
Cassava leaves peanut butter  Cassava leaves
 Palm butter cassava leavesBoth?
Fever leaves Palm butterBoth
Peanut butter soup with eggplantPeanut butter
Okra with KittelyBoth
Okra with BeansOkra
Other types of Mixed Soup (Dare to be Brave!)

Vegetarian African food is edgy

Kittely is a pea eggplant, the size of a tiny black-eyed pea. It delivers bitter, nutty, and earthy taste. Truly, where this West African food lacks in size it makes up in flavor. Kittely is a usual suspect for everyday vegetarian African food. Liberian Lorma people of Lofa are associated with this traditional African dish. West Africans utilize this popular pea eggplant in various delicious African okra stew recipe, including this red oil kittely stew.

Kittely is a pea eggplant the size of a tiny black-eyed pea, it delivers bitter, nutty,  and earthy taste. Truly, where this West African food lacks in size it makes up in flavor. Kittely is a usual suspect for everyday Liberian food recipes. The Lorma people love kittley torborgee, traditional African dish.
Red Oil Kittely Over Brown Rice

Understandably, there is a good reason as to why okra with kittely is among beloved vegetarian African food. This is because it makes for a truly wholesome  plant-based traditional African dish thanks to its medicinal bitter water. After rinsing the kittely bitter balls to slightly tone down their bitterness, you can use them to perfectly garnish your Liberian dry rice.


Understandably, there is a good reason as to why okra with kittely is among beloved Liberian food recipes; not kittley torborgee is a different dish.
Kittely dry rice with pepper sauce

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Make it wholesome plant-based dish

A traditional African dish is typically a reliable source of essential nutrients for a healthy body. Therefore, it is no surprise African stews often bring together fresh vegetables and ethnic spices. Okra and kittley torborgee makes a wholesome plant-based dish you want to taste, it is a popular cherished West African Food. This green edible pod is a mainstay ingredient in most Liberian food recipes and wider West African cuisine.

Fried okra is not only delicious, but also highly nutritious and easy to make. Yep! nothing beats the taste of that crispy coating over the sweet tender interior. It makes for a super appetizer option or side dish. Paired with bitter balls, this vegetarian African food is rich in Vitamin C, A, B calcium, magnesium, and fiber. Health experts claim the nutrients in a African okra stew recipe can go a long way to help lower your blood sugar levels.

This is fried okra with kittely and seitan over brown rice. You could make kittley torborgee. African okra stew recipe with kittely, a vegetarian African food. Traditional African dish, Liberian eggplant stew uses kittley torborgee.
Brown rice, seitan protein, & spicy okra goodness

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Fried okra has mucilaginous properties, which is a fancy way of speaking to its slimy texture when cooked. As such, the slime in the okra greatly helps to lower cholesterol levels. Furthermore, the fiber in these Liberian eggplant stew aids in digestion. As a low calorie traditional African dish, fried okra with kittely is a great consideration if you’re dieting. The basic ingredients of bitter balls, or native beans and tomatoes means that the recipe is easy to perform, making kittley torborgee a wholesome plant-based option.  

Video Recipe


With this recipe, you get notes of sweet, bitter, spicy and earthy. This kittely okra recipe is a perfect example of Liberian eggplant stew or kittley torborgee that is a wholesome plant-based meal. Besides kittely, what other bitter foods have you eaten? Comment below. You can try this vegetarian African food and realize a truly delicious traditional African food on the other end. Curious about a no-animal-meat food lifestyle? Peep instagram to see what I eat live😊.


Easy Fried Okra with Kittely

Yield: 2.5
Prep Time: 12 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Additional Time: 3 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes

You try our Kittely okra stew recipe once. And trust me, you would love to do it again and again. This Liberian food recipe is such an incredible meal that it has become one of the regulars at my home. Packed with tons of nutrients, fry okra with kittely is the finest, native West African food. Not only a health booster but it is also an appetizing traditional African dish.

You will find this wholesome plant-based dish perfect on its own. Serve it as a lusciously thick sauce. Add some spices to boost the flavor. Enhance the tastes with some seasonings.

Having a hearty bowl of kittely okra stew recipe means nourishing and de-toxing yourself. This wholesome plant-based dish is an ideal choice for everyone seeking a light vegetarian meal. High in nutrition and low in calories, this Liberian food recipe shouldn’t be underestimated anymore.

Cook this west African food the right way. And wait till it melts in your mouth leaving you with all the tenderly delicious sensations.


  • 0.6lbs Fresh Okra (Frozen not the same)
  • 1/2 cup Kittely (OPTIONAL)
  • Half diced Onion
  • 0.54 lb Seitan (Homemade)
  • 2.5 Cups Vege Broth
  • 3 TBS Grapeseed oil
  • 1/4 tsp salt & black pepper
  • 1 habanero pepper
  • 1 Vege cube


    1. Rinse the fresh okras thoroughly. Remove the tops and slice them into rounds.
    2. Dice half an onion and one habanero pepper. Keep them aside.   
    3. Heat 3 tablespoons of oil over medium flame in a pan.  
    4. Add diced onions and habanero. Sauté until translucent.   
    5. Add sliced okra to the pan and stir fry frequently for around 5 to 8 minutes.
    6. Add one-fourth teaspoon of black pepper.   
    7. Add half a cup of washed kittely and stir well to combine.
    8. Add any protein of your choice. I have chosen homemade seitan to make it a wholesome plant-based meal.
    9. Add a vegetable cube. Also, add 2 and a half cups of water.
    10. Bring the sauce to a boil. Then, cover the pan.
    11. Simmer the stew for about 15 minutes on low heat.
    12. Serve and enjoy hot and piquant kittely okra stew recipe.


This west African food is an inspired rendition of African culture. Fry okra with kittely is a must-try and filling Liberian food recipe.  

Give it a shot and you couldn’t be more satisfied with this traditional African dish.

Share the pictures with us and comment below about how your stew turns out!

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