Congolese African cabbage recipe

If your knowledge of African cabbage recipes ends at coleslaw then my, oh my, we have some work to do. Congolese cuisine is about to shove you out of that box you are confining yourself to. We are FRYING our cabbage today, yes, I said it! And what goes with fried cabbage? A good savory stew. In fact, it’s going in it. I’m sure you’ve seen it in Asian cuisine, but today, we are using the vegetarian African food method of cooking cabbage. And if this isn’t new to you, you may know the Liberian version. Here is the Congolese way. 

In case you’re already wondering, yes, you can eat this with semoule fufu. It is a combo like no other. 

semoule with Congolese cabbage stew.  What goes with fried cabbage? Congolese cuisine shows us how this African cabbage is relish in savory stew, popular vegetarian African food.
semoule with congolese cabbage stew humblevege

How does Congolese cabbage recipe taste?

We know that not all savory stews with the same ingredients result in similar taste. This Congolese cabbage recipe does not taste like the Liberian cabbage recipe. Even though such vegetarian African food has similar cooking processes. Congolese cuisine incorporates things like bell peppers, fresh parsley and other herbs. Which is why it is so different and uniquely delicious. Note, if you want to know what goes with fried cabbage, look at the Congolese African cabbage recipe. Especially if you want to switch things up from your regular recipe. I love how it tastes nothing like Liberian cabbage. The cabbage sweetness remains and is met with texture from the bell peppers. As well as the continuous juiciness from the tomatoes. If you use fresh parsley, the flavors will incorporate that as well. I always try not to question how different African nations chose to mix flavors because the answer ends up surprising me. Give it a try for sure!

What goes with fried cabbage?

Of course not everything goes with fried cabbage. If you are a picky eater or dieter, then your choices will be limited with this Congolese African fried cabbage. Semoule fufu is a good option to eat with this recipe or perhaps other fried cabbage recipes. Having tried both rice and semoule fufu with this recipe, I would advise you to try semoule fufu instead of rice. I like how the faint sweetness of semoule fufu pairs well with this Congolese cabbage recipe. And the semolina fufu is lighter, but it will keep you full, similar to rice. If you want an authentic experience, I’d recommend the semolina fufu. It is also cheaper!

Congolese cabbage stew over rice
congolese cabbage stew over rice humblevege

Savor this savory stew

This is a simple, everyday vegetarian African food. But no matter how often you make it, you will want to savor it. Congolese cuisine really knows its way into people’s hearts. Go on, check out the recipe below and let us know if you’ve tried any other cabbage recipes. Curious about a no-meat food lifestyle? Check out our Instagram page for real-life inspirations 😊.

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Congolese Cabbage Stew

Yield: 3.5
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Additional Time: 3 minutes
Total Time: 28 minutes

What goes with fried cabbage? Many pairings! Congolese cuisine shows us how this African cabbage is relish in savory stew, the popular category in vegetarian African food. Donot pass up, easy, affordable, healthy bowls like this one!


  • 7 ounce chunky tomatoes
  • 1/3cup organic canola oil
  • 1 veggie cube
  • Half cabbage sliced
  • Quarter onion diced
  • Quarter bell peppers sliced
  • 1 scotch bonnet pepper diced
  • Desired amount of soy chunks
  • 1 tsp Salt


    On low-medium heat add oil to the pan. Once oil is hot, add onion and cook until fragrant for 2mins.

    Without draining the water from canned tomatoes, add it into the pot next. Then, add in the scotch bonnet pepper and stir to combine. Cook until the water from the canned tomatoes dries, which should take 5 mins.

    While the mixture cooks on med-low, ensure any water in the tomato mixture dries. Then, add the cabbage next. Do not add all the cabbage at once, add it bit by bit. As it cooks down, about 2 mins, add the next heap. Following that, add one teaspoon of Salt and your veggie cube, stir to combine. Next, add in your plant protein.congolese-cabbage-stew-with-plant-protein_humblevege

    Add one cup of water and add the bell pepper last. Stir to combine and keep the heat to med-low. Cover the pot and cook for 20 mins.

    There should be some watery sauce at the bottom of the cabbage. It helps to keep the stew moist. Taste and adjust salt accordingly. That is it, you’ve cooked Congolese cabbage stew!

    Enjoy with Semoule or with ricecongolese-cabbage-stew-over-rice_humblevege


If you use dehydrated plant protein, make sure you hydrate it prior which takes 20min. Rinse it well before adding it to your stew. You could add tofu or your flavor of home-made wheat gluten protein.

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