Textured Plant Protein Examples For Meat Replacement

When you think of the best meat alternatives for your vegetarian African food, you may think of foods like tofu first. Is that a bad thing? Not at all! But at Humble Vege we want you to remember that you are not limited to one alternative. Besides, tofu is just one of many textured soy protein types out there. You aren’t even limited in use, because you can add soy chunks like meat in recipes or make rolls with soy sheets. Did someone say VARIETY? And still, if soy isn’t your thing, you can always enjoy some wheat gluten protein as your vegetarian or vegan meat substitute. Stick around, and learn more about these plant protein examples. In the end, we will give you bonus ones that you probably eat regularly without realizing their range. Let’s get to plant protein examples!

soy and seitan plant protein meat replacement
soy seitan plant protein-meat replacement

Plant protein examples: Oh soy

Tofu, soy milk, chunks, soya sheets, yuba… these are just a few of the best meat alternatives you can get out of the textured soy protein types. And that means you have more options for use in vegetarian African food recipes. Sometimes a vegan meat substitute isn’t even necessary. But other times you may want that meat-like texture in your food. 

plant based fufu and soup, vegetarian African food.
Plant based fufu and pepper soup

If you are unfamiliar with some of these plant protein examples, here is an explanation. If you check out our vegetarian African foods, you’ll find that we like to use different textured soy protein types; these are simply soybean products. The same way you can make cheese or yogurt or sour milk (amasi) from milk is the same way soy can give you many products. And what makes these great replacements for meat is the texture they add to dishes and the protein content in them. (More on this later). Most of these don’t have much flavor though, but they easily absorb the flavor of what you cook them in. This allows you to use them as a vegan meat substitute in many vegetarian African food recipes. 

types of soy proteins used to make vegetarian African food and you don't need to use soy sheets.
types soy protein products

Don’t like soy? We have more alternatives! Let’s talk about wheat gluten protein for a minute. Another name for this is seitan. You make them from vital wheat gluten. And like soy, it is great for protein and absorbing flavor. Even seaweed flavors! Seitan is part of the best meat alternatives out there and can replace textured vegetable protein chunks in your dishes. You can even make it yourself!

Speaking of seaweed, soya sheets are a great replacement for nori, the Japanese seaweed used to wrap sushi. See, versatility!

fried wheat gluten rings plant protein
fried wheat gluten rings-plant protein

Why are these the best meat alternatives?

We have already mentioned the versatility and protein content, but let’s go further. 

Tofu- From this article on how to fry firm tofu, you will find that tofu is low in sodium and high in protein. Sounds healthier than actual meat if you ask me. There are different types of tofu as well; from silky to firm. You can use them in salads, stir fry, soup, and even desserts. 

how to fry tofu? Use it to make vegetarian African food, wheat gluten are among the best meat alternatives.
Fresh Firm Tofu VS Fried

Yuba sheets- This is the layer that forms on the surface of heated soy milk. It can be eaten fresh or dried. Research shows that 85 grams of yuba contains a whopping 42% protein, as well as minerals such as calcium, iron, and potassium. These are all great for building muscle and healthier bones. It is also low in fat and carbs, in case you’re trying to lose weight.

Soy sheets- Like Yuba, these sheets are a vegan meat substitute. But people don’t use them the same. You can use soy sheets to wrap food, and simply add yuba to soup or dip it in soy sauce. Soy sheets are made from compressed soybeans. Research says these are known for reducing the risk and helping manage type 2 diabetes. They improve glucose tolerance and reduce heart disease by lowering bad cholesterol. 

soy sheet is yuba, a plant protein. Note wheat gluten are among the best meat alternatives.
soy sheets yuba plant protein

Textured vegetable protein chunks- Unlike tofu, chunks have some flavor. They are cheap and easy to cook. Simply dip them in hot water for rehydration, squeeze out the excess water, and fry them. You can then add them to soup and have them with pap, rice, or even bread. Like other soy products, they are high in protein and very filling.

The unexpected best meat replacement

Types of processed soy wheat protein,. wheat gluten are among the best meat alternatives.
Types of Soy Protein

As promised, there are other vegan meat substitutes not mentioned above. And these are (drum roll please) normal vegetables! Wait, wait, before you become disappointed, let me explain. In this article with plant protein examples and alternatives, you’ll find that we don’t eat vegetables just for nutrition. They actually add flavor and texture to dishes. Try something new; add asparagus, broccoli, or mushrooms to your meals but focus on the texture this time. They are perfect replacements! And there are many more too. Don’t worry, all will be explored on this journey. Subscribe so you don’t miss out! And comment below on your experience. Curious about a no-animal-meat food lifestyle? Check out our Instagram page for real-life inspirations 😊.

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