Alternatives to Tofu If You Dislike Soy Tofu

Vegetarian But I Don’t Like Tofu

Did you know I disliked (low-key hated) tofu? Ehn, don’t be hard on yourself. Tofu is unfamiliar to most and the block of plant protein looks strange. Also, tofu gets a bad rep from ex-meat eaters who are still on an ego trip. Meaning, some people are upset if they must remove meat and fish from their diet permanently. This article shares insights and real-life examples of alternatives to tofu. We also name types of plant protein used in vegetarian African food, tips on how I overcame the ego trip and how long it took before I learned how to cook recipes with firm tofu.  If your issue with soy is medical or allergic-based, then this content will still help you. Whether your dislike for tofu is based on attitude or lack of trust in its taste, be sure to read this content entirely. It will inform and entertain you, plus give you that high protein vegetarian meal inspiration 😉

No one will “police [or] enforce the consumption of tofu. Tofu is versatile and a great source of protein, but you can also try tempeh and other soy products like edamame. Or just skip soy entirely, and eat a range of grains, legumes, vegetables and fruit.”


TOFU is 1 of Many Types of Plant Proteins

ancient grains ranking humblevege
Ancient grains ranking

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“All plants have proteins of some kind, especially peas, beans and lentils. If we eat enough variety in our vegetables, we get plenty of protein. Most people in North America get too much protein, which is hard on the kidneys. Lacking protein is rare.”

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Preach! When I switched to no-meat food, I noticed how easy it is to create a high protein vegetarian meal, especially in vegetarian African food recipes. I remember how the cassava leaves (with lima beans stew) and brown rice humbled me! There was no tofu or seitan in sight but I was full. From then on, I knew alternatives to tofu were plenty. Don’t worry or listen to fearmongers; meat-eaters turned doctors spew unsolicited rubbish about protein and vitamins unheard of. Foods like Thiakry or Gari Soaking continue to nourish people. Because Humble Vege is on a mission to learn about authentic African foods, you can expect recipes with firm tofu, but with other plant protein options. From the image below, plants do not belong to the Vegan Movement so I crossed it off. Let us educate children & adults factually. Enjoy a shortlist of types of plant protein in the images below.

Types of plant proteins for vegetarians, plant-based & Vegans

Recipes Featuring Types of Plant Protein

Below are recipes’ alternatives to tofu for options. Friend, you should drool and be motivated.

And much more! See, the Universe answers prayers.

Normal Not To Like Tofu

After I started a plant-based lifestyle, it took two (2) years before I made recipes with firm tofu. Prior to creating the Humble Vege platform, I’d excitedly post on Facebook the types of plant protein I ate. Back then, I was overjoyed that vegetarian African food still tasted good without meat and fish; plus, I was full and satisfied. Because I’m African American, I thought I was the only person who disliked tofu so I didn’t speak about it or researched alternatives to tofu. I made recipes using ingredients that count as African alternatives to tofu. From the internet’s response, it seems normal that some people dislike tofu. Again, I wasn’t worried about getting a high protein vegetarian meal in the beginning because the types of plant protein that exist in African food are countless. Like many others, I ate other beans and legumes that were not soy-based. You will be just fine if you don’t like or eat tofu, ever. Trust me.

Reasons People Dislike ☹ Tofu

  1. It looks strange
  2. Don’t trust it will taste good
  3. Don’t know how to cook tofu
  4. Vexed they have to eat plant protein
  5. Medically allergic to tofu
  6. Tofu doesn’t taste like chicken or cow (Get therapy🫣 )

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We don’t NEED TOFU to Survive

Tofu does not mean Vegan or Vegetarian. The first time I tasted tofu was when I ate meat products. The Miso-tofu soup came with the meal and that was when I first tasted it. Some people quickly mention tofu because it is one of the many complete proteins that plant-based life-stylers eat. The plant world is vast so there are many things we don’t know yet that could be complete plant proteins. Sure, tofu is the go-to tried and true trusted plant protein, but there are many other cool plant proteins on the block. For example, seitan is a wheat gluten protein. We love seitan and tofu products because it delivers meat-like texture, not flavour.

Remember, plants cannot and will not taste like cow, chicken or fish. Your new lifestyle can be successful with recipes with firm tofu and still be a high protein vegetarian meal. Tofu is not synonymous with being Vegan. Asian culture has always had tofu in their diet, it is a normal vegetable/protein for Asians and most of them are not vegan.

plant-protein-why-people-dislike-tofu-realistically_humblevege. Because Humble Vege is on a mission to learn about authentic African foods, you can expect recipes with firm tofu, but with other plant protein options.
why people dislike tofu & workarounds

Don’t Force Yourself to Like Recipes with Firm Tofu

Tofu is an acquired taste, so give yourself time and space to acquire that taste bud. You will not die if you don’t have protein. Your success in your new food lifestyle depends on:

  • How quickly you jump into new products
  • Check-in with how you feel about what you eat
  • Monitor your body’s reaction

If you don’t like Tofu, stick to your reasons why and wait to get clear! For me, it took 2 years to come around and I haven’t had tempeh in all the 6+ years of not eating meat. Just because you are plant-based does not mean you are forced to like recipes with firm tofu; there are many other types of plant protein.

Parting Wisdom

Be patient and kind to yourself in your new food lifestyle and do not take advice from people who eat meat. You may not like tofu in the beginning or never, and that’s okay. I’m excited to experience a high protein vegetarian meal and plant-based found in African ingredients. I have been succeeding in the no-meat plant-based lifestyle for 6+ years and I have not eaten Tempeh or edamame. Shocking right? I’ve been eating a bunch of vegetables that are alternatives to tofu, a high protein vegetarian meal. And I have not even scratched the vegetarian African food surface. Buckle up! This journey gets delicious and expansive. Curious about a no-animal-meat food lifestyle? Peep instagram to see what I eat live😊.

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