Spicy Wheat Gluten Seitan Sandwich

Juicy Seitan Sandwich: Get Your Serviette

The thought of an easy seitan recipe just tantalizes my taste buds already. Seitan is a major character in my plant-based eating lifestyle. It worked wonders for me in this Ivorian Attieke with seitan recipe as well as heavy liberian palava sauce. Do you know how to use vital wheat gluten? Upon trying it yourself, spicy wheat gluten seitan sandwich can easily find its way into your cherished recipes. In fact, this plant-based meat alternative method rivals most “seitan chicken” recipes out there. I understand, you are probably wondering, is this another healthy spicy recipes? The answer is in this article, read on and discover. Here, plant based meat alternatives recipes abound!

Seitan sandwich, how to use vital wheat gluten, plant based meat alternatives made healthy spicy recipes.
Seitan Breaded Sandwich is satisfying

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Seitan goes by many other names, including “wheat gluten”, “wheat meat” or “wheat protein”. Naturally, seitan has almost the same look and feel of meat when cooked. In fact, seitan is the only meat alternative that is free of soy. However, vital wheat gluten recipes are high in protein and take on other flavors quite well, and they are another healthy spicy recipes. In this regard, you can utilize any easy seitan recipe  however you like: whether  baked, steamed, sauteed or simmered.

Vital Wheat Gluten Recipes

Leading a plant-based eating lifestyle comes with its advantages, including a variety of vital wheat gluten recipes. I’m hoping you already understand what vital wheat gluten is and how to use vital wheat gluten; if not don’t worry one bit. I’m here to grow your knowledge on everything plant-based recipes. Vital wheat gluten basically refers to the natural protein in wheat. Indeed, it is the thing that affords seitan that meaty texture we enjoy so much. Naturally, gluten is the only remnant after stripping wheat after harvesting. In this regard, vital wheat gluten recipes are great sources for protein, calcium, iron, and are low in carbs; they make good healthy spicy recipes.

Is homemade plant protein healthy? We show you how to vital wheat gluten, a plant protein. plant protein recipe and plant based meat alternatives.
Log of Wheat Protein Homemade

First things first, spicy wheat gluten seitan sandwich recipes are for those gluten tolerant. There are many ways to go about your chicken alternatives the plant-based way. You can use tofu, cauliflower, tempeh, or other plant based meat alternatives. By knowing how to use vital wheat gluten, you can enjoy an alternative to chicken as much as possible. However, it is not my belief that it is possible to achieve meaty texture and flavor with any vital wheat gluten. 

Is Homemade Seitan Healthy

I wonder this too and the best way to find out is jumping in or taking my experience as insight. First off, I am not too wild about fried foods but I sure love them. Even when I used to eat meat, I detest frying chicken because the oil splatter everywhere. Furthermore, the frying part of the plant protein, just demands a large amount of oil to my dislike. Now, as you may know, Seitan is made of wheat gluten so it is a plant-based protein, one of many plant based meat alternatives. Is homemade seitan healthy fried, you must be wondering? Honestly, it will depend on the person.

No meat sandwich, made with vital wheat gluten, plant based meat alternatives made healthy spicy recipes. seitan recipe.

Personally, I know how to use vital wheat gluten even if fried, it is healthy for a few reasons. Firstly, after I ate the seitan sandwich, I noticed my body felt light; which  could be due to the fact that I used whole-wheat flour for the coating. This is unlike how the normal chicken sandwich would make me feel; In the past when I ate meat, it tasted good going in but my stomach felt like rock after I’d eaten a chicken sandwich. Secondly, I fried it in avocado oil. These are crucial ingredients most consumers cannot control when we eat at fast food places. Also, the fresh store-bought brioche bun added sufficient carbohydrate to make me full and lively. This easy seitan recipe will show you all the seasonings that help the plant-protein taste delicious. This seasoned home-made seitan is something you will absolutely love; if not for the frying aspect, I’d make this a lot. It was really fun to make this plant-based spicy protein sandwich. Follow these easy steps to fry and make yourself a yummy meat-alternative sandwich that is mouth watering.

Is Seitan Sandwich Nutritious or Nah?

Because I used to eat animal meat and peppery dairy cheese, I experimented with plant-based cheese. Dear world, plant-based processed food is not all it’s made out to be. I ate a seitan sandwich without the plant-based cheese and proceeded to eat another with the plant-based cheese. Immediately, I noticed the salt-content in the sandwich was off; it became too salty! I thought I could ignore the taste and finish it, not wanting to waste the plant-based cheese. My stomach started grumbling the more I ate the plant-based cheese sandwich. I took out the plant-based cheese and ate the rest of the sandwich. I ended up throwing the entire plant-based cheese pack away; paying $7.99 for plant-cheese isn’t worth upsetting my digestive system. For now, I am of the opinion that plant-based cheese is unhealthy.

plant protein plant protein and what not to do. Is homemade healthy?
What NOT to do-Pesto Seitan Pita Combo

Similarly, I have reservations for store-bought alternatives because of their unhealthy food additives. Other store-bought plant based meat alternatives can be inferior in quality compared to easy seitan recipes made at home. Here’s my opinion on naming plant protein animal names mixed in.

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Plant based Meat Alternatives

The increasing appeal of plant based meat alternatives cannot go unnoticed. Indeed, who can blame them when an easy seitan recipe gives a chewy, meaty and perfectly flavored meal. In addition, the growing popularity of these recipes for vital wheat continues to flame the debate: is homemade seitan healthy?

how to use vital wheat gluten. Homemade plant protein recipe to be used as plant based meat alternatives. With options of healthy spicy recipes.
Wheat Protein

In my opinion, only chicken tastes like chicken and I will not mislead you to think that a plant-protein can provide the same taste in plant based meat alternatives. No matter the amount of seasonings or liquid smoke that you might use or how you texturize the wheat-gluten, it will never taste like chicken. I believe it is mentally unhealthy to expect plant based meat alternatives to taste like animal protein recipes. Understandably, we use words to describe things in to attribute similarity. However, “Seitan chicken” recipes are a myth that will have you doubting yourself and feeling like a fraud. IF you want to eat chicken, eat it and enjoy it. These spicy recipes for vital wheat gluten had me shocked by the flavor and best of all, it filled my stomach and gave me energy.

Would you try Seitan Sandwich?

Making easy seitan recipes can be fun and truly fulfilling. Homemade plant based meat alternatives are healthy based on the ingredients used. The best way to enjoy recipes and know how to use vital wheat gluten, is to try it and let the experience inform your verdict on the all controversial question: is homemade seitan healthy? Thoughts, input? What healthy spicy recipes do you want to see? Comment below. Curious about a no-animal-meat food lifestyle? Peep instagram to see what I eat live😊.


Seitan Sandwich Made Easy & Delicious

Yield: 4
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Additional Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes

If you are among those that used to love the spicy chicken sandwich from (you know where) but you no longer eat meat, this would be YOUR next comfort food. Give it a try. You know what they say. Eating is believing.


  • Brioche Buns
  • Seasoned Seitan (home-made)
  • half cup hot sauce
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1/4cup flaxseed binder (egg substitute)
  • half TBSP cayenne pepper
  • half TBS Paprika
  • 1 cup oil (to fry)
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • salt & black pepper to taste
  • Lettuce (garnish optional)
  • Hot Sauce Spread
  • 1 teaspoon mayo
  • 1 some ketchup
  • 2 squirt hot sauce


How to make the coating

1. To start preparing this yummy homemade seitan, we first need to start by making the coating. Take one cup of whole wheat flour and pour it into a sizable mixing bowl. After that, add in a half a tablespoon of cayenne pepper followed by One teaspoon of paprika.

4. Next, add one tablespoon of garlic powder followed by a half teaspoon of salt and a quarter teaspoon of black pepper. Thoroughly mix all the seasoning ingredients into the wheat flour.

6. When done mixing you can taste for salt and if not enough be sure to add some salt. When fully satisfied with the flour mix, set it aside and get another bowl.

Liquid ingredients for the coating

7. In the next bowl, pour in half cup of hot sauce. Thereafter, add a quarter (1/4) cup of flaxseed binder. You can also substitute this flaxseed binder with eggs if you want to but we have a recipe about how to make a flax egg.

9. At this point use your fork, thoroughly mix the liquid ingredients.

Breading the Cooked Seitan

10. Now that we have our flour and liquid mixture ready, it's time to bring in your seasoned homemade seitan. Dip your seasoned homemade seitan into the flour mixture. Do this to coat all sides of the seitan.

12. Using your kitchen tong, hold your wheat flour-coated seitan and dunk it into the hot sauce bowl. Make sure that all sides are immersed in the sauce. After that, dip your sauce-coated seitan back into the flour mixture to coat it and put the coated seitan onto another plate to be fried later. Do this to all your seitan pieces, dunk it in flour, hot sauce mixture and coat it in flour mixture and set aside. 

Frying the Seitan

14. Place your cooking pan on medium-high heat and add 1 cup of avocado oil to the pan. Wait until the oil is very hot before frying.

16. Using your cooking spoon or thongs, place about 3 blocks of seitan into the pan to fry. Cook each side of the seitan for three minutes or until it becomes golden brown. Place each fried seitan onto a cotton cloth or paper towel which allows excess oil to drain.

18. When you are finished frying all your seitan pieces, turn off the heat and proceed to make the sauce.

Make homemade Sauce

19. To make the sauce, add one teaspoon of regular mayo into your mixing bowl. Then sprinkle some ketchup with the mayo, use 1 teaspoon or as you desire but remember to keep the flavors balanced.

20. In the same mixing bowl, add some hot sauce based on your preference. Then use a spoon to mix up till they combine.

Assemble and EAT!

21. Next bring your toasted brioche burns and spread your sauce on them. I toasted my brioche buns by heating up a clean saucepan on medium heat. I placed the buns in the hot pan and waited until the edges were golden brown. I assembled mine by spreading the sauce on the bun, adding the fried seitan, adding crisp lettuce on top of it, and finally adding the top bun. Enjoy!

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