5 Easy Traditional Liberian Food Recipes

Authentic African food means tradition, adjustments to suit different cultures, and love. And you won’t find that love lacking in food in Liberia. Traditional Liberian food has been passed down and it is full of variety. From simple recipes with firm tofu to ones that’ll need you to know how to use vital wheat gluten. But from all the Liberian food recipes, we have gathered five that we would love to share with you. Curious about a no-animal-meat food lifestyle? Peep instagram to see what I eat live😊.

Food in Liberia

Liberia is a West African country. Like most authentic African foods, traditional Liberian food is what it is because it was structured based on what was available. Because vegetables are far less expensive, Liberian food recipes may accommodate plant-based eaters without you having to ask! It is good to clarify though. 

Traditional Liberian food offers recipes with firm tofu and ways how to use vital wheat gluten. Authentic African food?  Make Liberian food recipe today!

Five of the easiest Liberian food recipes

  1. Flavorful Liberian Fufu and Soup Recipe: This is one of those recipes with firm tofu that we love. Protein here comes from seitan and tofu. Know how to use vital wheat gluten to make your own seitan? Congrats! And if you don’t, you can learn here! The main focus in this dish though is the amazing fufu. It is easy to make and can be eaten with different foods. We used pepper soup, one of the original traditional Liberian food.
  2. Traditional Liberian Dry Rice with Palm Oil: This recipe contains many traditional ingredients. From kittely, to okra; it is packed with flavor. It is also one of those recipes with fried tofu. Here, it is fried in avocado oil. Yum!
  3.  Fragrant Liberian Cabbage Stew: This recipe is so simple. It has ingredients like cabbage (duhh 😊), onions, and seitan. In fact, if you’re up for a challenge, learn how to use vital wheat gluten by making your own seitan. Trust us, you’ll have time to spare here. 
  4. Hefty Liberian Red Oil Okra Stew: Up for more of those recipes with firm tofu? Well here is another. But the star here is okra. Nothing says authentic African food like okra does! Don’t hesitate if you don’t like the sliminess it brings. This recipe minimizes that while still creating a delicious meal.
  5. Chuck Rice-Palava sauce and red gravy: If you don’t like color on your plate, food in Liberia is not for you. Rice and gravy are popular but Liberia brings you chuck rice, which is rice mixed in jute leaf. This traditional Liberian food brings a new way of using your veggies. 

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Traditional Liberian food doesn’t disappoint

We have shared five recipes with you but there are plenty more out there and on Humble Vege. Think you know them all? That’s alright, we have recipes from all over Africa for you to make without travelling there. Subscribe to our newsletter and join us as we explore further. 

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