What to Expect In East African Recipes

Hearty East African recipes from Kenya, Madagascar, Eritrea, Somalia, Uganda, Rwanda, Malawi, Mozambique… Oh, we are going to get fat with joy! Vegetarian African food ranges from African snacks to African dessert recipes. All for your three-course meal of deliciousness! From a simple mixture of millet and water to make the Kenyan Uji ya wimbi, to the surprisingly flavorful and delightful Malagasy rice drink. Yes, we have African drinks as well. East African dishes have been influenced by a variety of cultures, bringing out a melting pot of unique cooking and a blend of zesty flavours. But to get that exclusive feel of East African food, you must try out recipes from specific countries. This page will be updated quarterly to give you a more high-level overview of what’s to expect (taste) from this region so sign up to receive quarterly updates.

East African recipes! Vegetarian African food ranges from African snacks and African drinks to African dessert recipes. Give your taste buds a treat with these appetizing East African dishes.

Did someone say ‘East African dishes variety’?

Healthy vegetarian African food is quite boring, right? WRONG! Give your taste buds a treat with these delicious East African dishes. And why African food and African drinks? Well, the answer is in the Vegetarian African food ingredients. Although the consumption practice of different African regions varies greatly, one thing is common: You can never run out of tasty vegetarian options. But our focus today is mostly on East African recipes and their use of ingredients to create unique East African dishes. For example, when you think peri peri chicken or Portuguese chicken, do you think West Africa? No! That’s a Mozambican and Zimbabwean specialty!

Culture and tradition meet food 

Talking of ingredients, we all know that atmosphere and behaviour go with good food. That said, you may also need to pay attention to cultural etiquette and traditional eating habits. Whether you’re sneaking in an African snack or enjoying African drinks by the sunset. And listen to some good African music too, because the food is about to throw a party on your taste buds. East African recipes are best enjoyed with your bare hands. Yap, you got it right. For example, ugali doesn’t taste as good if you eat it with a spoon. Hey, we don’t make the rules… And it tastes even better when you use the ugali itself to scoop its accompaniment(s). An example of these accompaniments is this Eastern creamy tofu curry or even okra, which Zimbabweans call derere. And best believe they don’t tone down the sliminess as people do in other African recipes with okra. You definitely need your hands here. But don’t worry, you can get away with using cutlery for African dessert recipes … maybe. Depends on the East African dishes you’re eating. 

West vs East African recipes

But isn’t East African and West African food the same? (side eye!) No, different regions have different preferences. They may adopt each other’s recipes, but they have their traditional dishes too. For example, West Africans tend to love their meat! That’s why you can find three types of meat in Jollof rice, which we replaced with soy protein and mushrooms for that meaty texture. But East Africans love their beans and grains. For example, Kasha. This sweet-smelling ancient grain can be used for porridge, or even as an addition to pasta. So what does this mean for us? Less West African recipes? Don’t worry. It just means you may find more meat alternatives in the West African recipes we make, as we try to keep the recipes authentic yet still cater for the Plant-based lifestyle. 

traditional-African-foods-sadza-millet-carbohydrate-zimbabwe. Vegetarian African food ranges from African snacks and African drinks to African dessert recipes. Give your taste buds a treat with these appetizing East African dishes.
traditional sadza millet

You may even find recipes from different regions that look similar or are eaten in a similar manner. For example, fufu is popular in the Western regions, but the Eastern and Southern regions eat ugali. Even in these regions, the recipes may be made in different ways. For example, ugali also goes by sadza or sima. It can be made simply with a mealie meal and water, or you can add spices. People from different countries can actually be shocked to hear how others prefer to eat it. Salt in Sadza?? That’s diversity for you!

Back to the East

With all honesty, East African recipes can be hard to pronounce. For instance, the African snack Ethiopian yetsom beyaynetu. But that’s what makes this whole experience fun, *wink, wink. * For those struggling to name African dessert recipes or even a single dish originating from East Africa, we got your back. You can expect to find many East African Foods here, including East African Drinks too. These meals are diverse and sumptuous. From Portuguese-inspired Mozambican food to warm Kenyan drinks that aim to soothe and heal your body with spices. The different cultures in these countries are put into their meals, along with love and care for the body. Curious about a no-animal-meat food lifestyle? Peep instagram to see what I eat live😊.

So, ladies and gents, let’s explore delicious native foods from this Eastern region.

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