For Your Beau- Give Edible Valentine Day Gift

The rebel in me wants to boycott Valentine’s day. But my practical nurturer side says, “teach them African etiquette.” So I’ll share on, “how does Africa celebrate valentine day. Sure,  Africans gave into FOMO (fear of missing out) long ago so no point in boycotting a now world-wide holiday. Instead, let us provide top edible valentine day gift ideas using African sweets and continue building healthy habits. Additionally, we will provide insight into how our African ancestors did romance. Love wan-tin-tin.

edible valentine day gift-African sweets.  African etiquette shows ways of building healthy habits through African sweets. We answer how does Africa celebrate valentines day and more!
edible valentine day gifts- African sweets

Definition of terms

Love wan-tin-tin: The act of displaying African love that is deemed so sweet.

Voking: A Liberian term meaning to roast or joke.

Crazy Children School: The voking name given to catholic school goers because they won debates and spelling championships.

How does Africa celebrate valentines day?

Honestly, I only know how Monrovia, Liberia celebrates Valentine’s day because I did not live in all 50+ countries in Africa. But you can comment below and share with us how Valentine’s day is celebrated in your country. I will share my experience of what it was like for a tween, into teenage years, to witness Valentine’s day in Monrovia, Liberia.

Around the early 2000’s, every February I noticed there were lots of reds everywhere suddenly. Red plastic flowers and real flowers were and still are seen everywhere. Street vendors sold apples and boxed candies in red-heart shaped packages. In my tween years, I didn’t pay attention to Western chocolate since I enjoyed Liberian African sweets more. Plus, African etiquette from parents dictates that the girl child must not have a boyfriend. This all changed during teenage years at my Crazy Children School (CCS). Around 14 years old, while I attended CCS, I noticed girls receiving lighted blinking red flowers and chocolate in heart-shaped boxes. Youngsters weren’t concerned with edible African valentine day gifts since anything Western was embraced. Building healthy habits like staying away from boys was ignored especially since they tried to voke me but teachers intervened.

How do non-city dwellers (villagers) celebrate valentines day?

One African etiquette is lavish gift giving and it is still popular from the olden days. You could ask elders in your village or your parents, aunties and uncles, how romance was/is celebrated. We believe they started building healthy habits like these as tokens of love. But albeit they were dangerous sometimes for men. And not because of money usage! But because some offer palm nut bunches, or a big keg of palm wine. Either way, gifts were/are sourced by climbing tall dangerous palm trees. The man or boy could get injured or die. African sweets or food as romantic gifts are still trending since modernity now values homemade gifts. Yet it wasn’t called an edible valentine day gift when women prepared his favorite food or embroidered something special. Thankfully, nations are building healthy habits collectively and not pressuring each other to compare/compete.

African style of edible valentine day gift options

Presentation is everything so make it heart-shaped. That sends the message loud and clear. Love wan-tin-tin with African sweets shows you are a mature and thoughtful beau! Below are edible valentine day gift options with recipes:

1- Mandazi

east african cuisine kenyan mandazi with fruits.
Kenyan mandazi with fruit

We set this up so nice for you. Heart shaped donuts that are beyond flavorful. And you can serve fruits with it? Come on! Can you say win-win? This edible valentine day gift also shows you another African etiquette, which is to serve your beau no matter your gender household roles: Men that know how to cook and are willing, would serve his family once in a while. Abi, did mama not teach that?

2- Rice bread

Liberian rice bread-edible valentine day gift. building healthy habits with African etiquette. How does Africa celebrate valentines day?
Liberian rice bread edible valentine day gift

Liberian rice bread screams ‘building healthy habits.’ This breakfast (that is also a snack and can be a dessert) is a good present when considering an edible valentine day gift. Swap out the ginger and you can serve strawberries with this Liberian rice bread. African sweets for the win. Plus, you’ll have a homely connection to the country via its food.


Liberian Kanyan. Edible valentine day gift building healthy habits. How does Africa celebrate valentines day?
Liberian Kanyan

Nothing says love wan-tin-tin like wholesome heart-shaped Khanyan. Many people love this African dessert because it is sweet, crunchy and doesn’t make you feel guilty about sweets. Talk about building healthy habits with a double factor! Serve Khanyan as an edible valentine day gift to your beau and share our stories with them, I’m sure they also wondered how does Africa celebrate valentines day.

4- Shortbread cookies

Now, I thought about this and we believe butter cookies came from the African Americans that settled in Liberia. And we thank them! These shortbread cookies are not flaky and are more buttery soft, like you’d want your sweet romance to be! Love wan-tin-tin eh?

No voking, give African sweets to show your love

These are the edible valentine gifts you can start with that teach African etiquette and show how does Africa celebrate valentines day. Building healthy habits is easy with wholesome ingredients found in African sweets. Go celebrate your love yah. Hopefully not once a year though! Curious about a no-meat food lifestyle? Check out our Instagram page for real-life inspirations 😊.

Suggested Recipes

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